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Cardiovascular HeartScan CalciumScore - $300

Coronary artery calcium scanning accurately and noninvasively detects underlying coronary artery disease and provides an estimate of its extent and severity. Studies show by directing further patient care and helping to appropriately adjust preventitive measures, the risk of heart attack and death can be diminished

Cardiovascular disease, is considered a silent killer because it often shows no symptoms until it's too late. CT CalciumScore measures hardened calcium deposits in the heart. Most, but not all, plaques in the arteries contain some calcium. If a substantial amount of calcium is discovered, atherosclerotic disease is present, which can lead to heart attack and death. An elevated "cardiac calcification score," or CAC, has been shown to be associated with the risk of cardiovascular death.

CT HeartScan takes "freeze frame" pictures of the heart and coronary arteries to measure the amount of calcium in the artery walls, an indicator of atherosclerosis. The risk of cardiovascular disease is one in two for men and one in three for women over the age of 40.
NB: CT scanning may not detect new uncalcified plaques, which lead to blockage of an artery.

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CT Coronary arteriography
This is not a standard screening test, however 3D HealthScreen's latest CT technology and 3D computer software can readily obtain diagnostically accurate images of the coronary arteries. This is achieved by IV contrast injection enhanced, ECG timing gated freeze motion scanning of the heart whereby the CT image computer synchronizes image formation with the contractions of the beating heart. The resultant images be viewed in 3D projections, or vessel endoluminal measurements and focal stenoses assessed by the proprietary advanced vascular analysis software on a Sunsparc 80 workstation. This coronary arteriography test is performed if requested by a medical specialist and allows further detailed evaluation of cardiac status before or after intervention.

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